Claudia Escobar

Hello world!

I am Claudia Escobar a Colombian Visual Artist formed as an Architect, evolved as a filmmaker, and explorer of non sense as I draw.

For the past 13 years I had been living in San Francisco, California, where I recreated my creating impulses many times.  I have an immense passion for images, as big as the Sahara desert! or maybe as the Sombrero Galaxy! the size really varies depending of the day.  

I was raised in the most beautiful environment with the most creative crazy parents and a genius brother.  Our parents left us to life with the bug for making stuff constantly and I am very happy i still have this little bug with me.

Here you will find my eclectic work as creator of visuals. 

I adore collaborating with new people, it tickles my brain, so if you are curious, let me know!

I hope you enjoy it!